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Welcome to the CAFÉ 1959 Blog!

Published on
January 24, 2024
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Hey coffee enthusiasts!

Step into the world of Café 1959, where we’re all about: outstanding coffee.This blog is your spot for everything about our green, unroasted coffee beans and the magic that goes into making them truly special.

Our founders, Jose and Jimena, are the driving force behind Café 1959. They love coffee, and they're on a mission to bring you the best. With them at the helm, we're all about top-notch beans and a dedication to specialty coffee that stands out to.

The highest quality coffee, available for anywhere in the world.

This blog is your sneak peek into our coffee world. We'll be sharing updates, stories, and all the exciting stuff happening with our coffee. From the different varieties we offer to the nitty-gritty of how we do things, it's going to be all here.

So, you might think: Why Café 1959?

Because, we're not just enthusiasts; our mission is to redefine the coffee experience. We’re excited to have you with us as we explore the journey from our farms to your roastery.

Get ready for a coffee-filled adventure. Cheers to great beans and even better sips!

-The Café 1959 Team