Coffee Tradition History

WE ARE COFFEE DESIGNERS - Coffee Tradition History

Café 1959 is a coffee company based in Quindio, Colombia. For the past 50 years, we have been involved in selling coffee within the commodity market. Jimena (my wife) and I, we are the 3rd generation that embraces the past, feels it and integrates it, but looks forward to creating, innovating and building new paths.

We made the decision to redefine the company’s role within the coffee community, shifting into Top Specialty Coffee. This is why we believe in change, movement, innovation, and the transformation of what we do every day.

We’ve been breaking molds in the coffee tradition history and convey a vision of constant growth. Today, we view Cafe 1959 as a vehicle for crafting solutions that align with the requirements of the best roasters and importers worldwide.


From Dream to Reality: Celebrating Five Years of Triumph in the Global Coffee Market!

In the last five years, we've achieved milestones that bridge our farm dreams with the aspirations of the worldwide coffee market. Join us on a journey to share our exquisite coffees with millions of coffee enthusiasts.

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Our values

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We believe in crafting an unparalleled coffee experience for everyone, where each variate of Specialty Coffee tells a story of exceptional quality and distinctive flavors


Each bean has a genetic fingerprint that shapes its flavors. We are always looking for developing innovative processes through science and experimentation, which allows us to craft unique flavors and introduce exotic varieties like Geisha, Wush Wush and Mokka. Every process we have made is the outcome of meticulous science research, methods and technologies that enhance the quality of our coffee.


We believe in cultivating authentic, enduring relationships with our partners. It's not about sourcing coffee; it's all about helping each other, co-create together, and the passion for coffee, where our love for the brew unites us. Is our mission to know the needs of top roasters and importers worldwide and develop unique solutions.


We redefine coffee excellent. With a Ph.D. in food engeneering, our innovation driven approach places us at the forefront of taste mastery. The essence of a truly exceptional coffee experience lies in our commitment to have the best quality in our coffee. We're always looking for continually experiment, innovate and evolve based on Coffee Tradition History.



Our commitment and phylosophy is enjoying the moment, connecting with humanity and deliver memorable experiences with our community. As a team, we enjoy the process that makes us navigate in the same way.

ceo and cofounder
JOSE Giraldo
CEO and Co-Founder

“Coffee never stops to surprise me, it’s dynamic, with every different genetics and processing variation I can experience new flavors every day”

cfo and cofounder
Maria Rivera
CFO and Co-Founder

"I live coffee as my lifestyle, as my way of living, i bet it all for the quality in every step at the farm, we take care about all the community we work with"

marketing and sales manager
gabriela vicini
Marketing and Sales Manager

“I think every cup has a story, and this industry has a big community that makes you feel like family”

key account manager
mauricio herrera
Key Account Manager

"Being in the coffee industry allows me to forge connections with individuals from around the world. The remarkable aspect is how coffee fosters bonds across varied cultures, and it's a continuous learning experience about diverse markets"